✧ damien | he/they | autistic | wiccan ✧

✧ commissions - closed
✧ trades - closed
✧ requests - never

hey, you can call me damien!
i'm nonbinary masc so he/him or they/them pronouns works

I mostly just draw my ocs, i dont do much else// I tend to be very shy bc of my social anxiety but I'm trying to work on it! if i don't respond to you please don't be offended, it's not you, i'm just anxious. if you do need to get ahold of me though, i respond the fastest on my twitter! my link for that as well as everything else is above

i have a variety of interests including sanrio (cinnamoroll especially), demons, gemstones, cookie run, and... cats i really like cats so much.

i'm a big babie despite the goth aesthetic ok... that being said if you're an asshole i'll probably avoid you! i don't tolerate homophobes, transphobes, racists, terfs, maps, whathaveyou, fuck off.

i mostly draw demons and other..........creatures.............funkie

hey remember how i said i like cats? this is my comfort plush, whistle, that i hyperfixate on. say hi whistle!

everything is going to be okay...! please remember to believe in yourself!! you're loved! you can do it! you are so worthy and important and there are people out there who care about you!! you deserve to be happy!!